Rush™ Foot

Why is Rush Different?

Radical Simplicity.

rush-foot-lftfclogo It’s about time for amputees to see prosthetics as a solution, not a challenge.
Ability Dynamics has answered the call for a better design for amputees. RUSH™ foot is taking full advantage of today’s state-of-the art materials. This revolutionary breakthrough produces a flexible, durable, strong and lightweight foot that is so forgiving and comfortable, RUSH users can’t stop talking about what they can do now that they could never do before.

The RUSH foot offers 2 custom sole options: a Full Rocker Sole and a Half Rocker Sole.
Not only do our sole options provide the smoothest roll-over and eliminate any dead
spots found in other prosthetic feet, but they were designed and made specifically with
patient’s needs in mind. Feedback from 
hundreds of patients throughout the country contributed to the design and engineering of our two
customized sole options.

  • The Full Rocker Sole – designed for the needs
    of the AK, Knee Disarticulate, and Hip Disarticulate.
  • The half rocker sole was designed for the needs of the BK amputee.


What is Flexeon? For starters, it’s a far cry from the rigid carbon fiber materials found in most prosthetic feet. Flexeon is a specially-formulated composite fiber material that is nearly indestructible, sensationally flexible and only available on Ability Dynamic prosthetic devices.
With upper and lower struts made from Flexeon, the RUSH foot carves out superior engineering and delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available on the market today. With three times more flexibility than most conventional prosthetic feet, comfort and ease of motion are dramatically increased. Flexeon is totally unique, highly functional, and provides an unmatched range of motion.™

RUSH™ Design

This specialized connection between the upper and lower components of the foot creates a signature r-shape that propels each step. From Mid Stance through Terminal Stance and Toe Off, the open design allows the forefoot and toe to flex in a way that feels completely natural.

RUSH foot’s base plate is a radical geometric shape that runs the entire length of the foot. The dead spot is eliminated, ensuring a continuous line of contact for enhanced security and feedback.

With the new design, RUSH foot reaches the full potential of comfortable functionality.

rushfoot-bottomIt’s time to feel the RUSH™

RUSH foot gives deep, satisfying vertical compression and energy return. Its dynamic vertical return sensation provides maximum comfort from initial contact to roll-over through toe-off. RUSH foot’s unique sole makes for unbelievably soft ground compliance. Joints are cushioned and comfortable from initial contact to beyond.This seamless integration of revolutionary material and innovative design makes RUSH foot a life-changing must-have for even the most difficult-to-fit amputees.