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Ability Dynamics combines the best in next-generation prosthetic foot expertise and design innovation to deliver the most natural walking and mobility experience possible for amputees.

about-usWe understand that comfort leads to confidence, and that confidence leads to a person’s true potential.  That’s why lower extremity amputee mobility challenges are at the forefront of our innovative prosthetic foot designs, the RUSH87™ and RUSH81™.

Carbon fiber materials have been the defacto standard in prosthetic feet for decades – but prosthetists tell us that carbon fiber isn’t optimal due to its limited flexibility, breakage and catastrophic failure rate.  Our engineering team was listening and realized that new materials technology would provide the solution.  Our Flexeon™ fiberglass composite was originally developed for aerospace applications and reengineered by Ability Dynamics to eliminate prevelant weak points in prosthetic feet.   The RUSH foot’s superior engineering delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available today – with zero “dead spots” and a smooth, natural feel.  But don’t just take our word for it, listen to the voice of amputees who say their quality of life has improved because of the RUSH foot.

Most importantly, we truly value our relationship with you.  If you are a prosthetist, we want to know about the biggest challenges you face in in running your practice and keeping lower amputee (K3) patients highly satisfied with their mobility.  If you are an amputee, we are sincerely interested in your experiences with other prosthetic foot devices. If you are wearing our RUSH foot; we would love to hear from you to understand how our foot has improved your mobility and life experiences.

aboutrushfootThank you for your interest, we welcome any questions or comments you may have as you explore our website.

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